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    SPA Care

  • Aromatherapy massage (50 min.)

    Aromatherapy massage (50 min.)

    From the evolutionary perspective, our smelling sense is one of the most important among our senses. Pick your favorite among the calming, energizing and relaxing massage appointments and feel the difference served by the specialists’ hands. Soft massage is exercised with aromatic oils.

  • Swedish massage (50 min.)

    Swedish massage (50 min.)

    Intended for sports professionals and accompanied by aromatic oils, this massage stimulates the upper muscle groups and depending on the individual technique and the refreshing and relaxing effects revitalize the bloodstream throughout the body. It is a medium pressure massage intended for the stimulation of the muscles.

  • Deep Pressure Massage (50 Min.)

    Deep Pressure Massage (50 Min.)

    This massage is implemented through slow yet firm manipulative movements accompanied by the use of aromatic oils, relieving and loosening your muscles, which have become tense with daily fatigue.

  • Bali massage (50 min.)

    Bali massage (50 min.)

    Combining the pressures applied through the palm and fingers using aromatic oils, we increase the pace of your circulation and regenerate your cells through the magical touch of the Orient.

  • Deep Asian massage (50 min.)

    Deep Asian massage (50 min.)

    This massage, which is harder compared to the Bali massage and supported by the arms, relieves your stress and deeply relaxes the muscles.

  • Hot Stone massage (60 min.)

    Hot Stone massage (60 min.)

    The hot stone therapy applied by the shamans thousands of years ago utilizes volcanic rocks due to their capability of preserving heat and their relaxing effect on the muscles. They also remove negative energy when placed on the body chakras.

  • Thai massage (60 min.)

    Thai massage (60 min.)

    It is applied without oils over a subtle cloth on a thin floor mattress. Combining palm and finger pressure stretching and flexing your muscles and joint, this therapy keeps you exceptionally fit and relaxed.

  • Lomi lomi massage (75 min.)

    Lomi lomi massage (75 min.)

    Combining Hawaiian dance and massage in a harmonic way with the soft touch of the arms and oil, this therapy will turn your distress into instant relaxation and comfort.

  • Lymph drainage therapy (45 min.)

    Lymph drainage therapy (45 min.)

    You can clean up your body from toxins with a soothing touch to open up the canals for setting the lymphatic ducts in motion.

  • Local massage (30 min.)

    Local massage (30 min.)

    This massage specifically focuses on relaxing your problematic area.

  • Cellulitis massage (45 min.)

    Cellulitis massage (45 min.)

    Decreases the volume of the fat cells through massage maneuvers that boost the local circulation and lymph drainage. The cellulitis massage technique affects the subcutaneous, deep fat tissues, and muscles.

  • Head massage (25 min.)

    Head massage (25 min.)

    The magical touch of acupressure is awaiting you if you complaint of a stiff neck or headache for the stressful every day life or any other reasons.

  • Reflexology (45 min.)

    Reflexology (45 min.)

    With a more than 4000 years history, this is a massage involving application on the regions symbolizing the organs under our feet. It is a deeply calming therapy with a positive effect on your organs.

  • Brown sugar peeling (20 min.)

    Brown sugar peeling (20 min.)

    Wouldn’t you want your skin moisturized and appear smooth with peeling? The combination of brown sugar, honey, and aromatic oils make it possible.

  • Sea salt peeling (20 min.)

    Sea salt peeling (20 min.)

    This is a deep peeling technique which makes your body regain the rich minerals and vitamins contained in sea salt.

  • Rub and foam (39 min.)

    Rub and foam (39 min.)

    A visit to the Turkish bath in fact means a visit to the past. The only thing you have to do is to sit at the basin, shower yourself with warm water and leave the rest to your therapist once you recline on the center stone. The application not only removes the dead cells from your skin, but also relaxes your body and mind.

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