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You are safe at Lova Hotel & Spa
Lova Hotel & SPA, following the transition from the Covid-19 pandemic process to normalization, T.C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism and T.C. It continues to serve by taking the necessary measures in line with the circulars of the Ministry of Health. Our hotel is committed to providing safe service to our guests in a healthy and sterile environment. Our sensitivity is based on the monthly audits Lloyd's Register Royal Certificate Surveillance Ltd. Şti. It is also registered with the Safe Tourism Certificate issued by.

Entry Process Measures
• Our guests pass through the hygiene mat and take temperature measurement with the help of non-contact thermometers at the entrance of our hotel.

• There are disinfectants with sensors at the entrance and lobby area.

• All hotel employees wear their protective masks.

• Guests without masks are given masks at check-in to our hotel.

• The pens used during entry procedures are sterilized.

• Chamber cards have been sterilized. A special box is created for the keys to be returned by the guests at the exit, and the separations are followed and sent for re-disinfection.

• Bellboy service is provided upon request.

• Information regarding the covid-19 measures taken throughout our hotel during the check-in process is delivered to each guest separately in Turkish - English and Arabic.

• During the check-in process, all our guests are provided to fill in a mini questionnaire regarding which city and country they have been in the last 14 days.

• During the check-in process, all our guests are requested to provide information about whether they have had Covid-19 before.

• In all general areas of our hotel, information is given on social distance information boards and covid-19 instructions.

• Information about our Covid-19 Isolated rooms is submitted to our guests at check-in, and in case of a possible case, our guests and their families will be admitted to these rooms and in order to prevent contact with other guests, they are required to be isolated in the relevant rooms until the health personnel arrive. • The use of elevators is regulated according to the social distance rule and is sterilized in detail. In-elevator landmarks and elevator screen information are also provided.

Our Measures in the Chambers
• For new guests, the rooms are completely sterilized and all textile products (such as sheets and towels) are washed with detergent at 90 degrees in our hotel laundry.

• Our towels are prepared in a suitable sterile environment by being bagged for the use of our guests after washing at 90 degrees.

• Our rooms are ventilated every day by natural ventilation until the entrance of our guests.

• All surfaces are sterilized with the help of disinfectants in accordance with WHO recommendations.

• All room materials such as lighting, sockets, plugs, door handles, cabinet handles, drawer handles, toilet, shower, bathtub, fixtures, air conditioning control panel, telephone, TV remote control, table, coffee table surfaces, are disinfected.

• In our rooms, our guests are offered disposable, disposable cups and mixers, as well as disposable tea-nescafe and stick sugar.

• Bathrooms have disposable guest amenities.

• Our housekeeper changes his gloves and mask after every room cleaning.

• Room service orders can be placed with our hotel application.

Our Restaurant Measures
• Production is carried out in accordance with HACCP rules in our kitchens, and all our kitchen staff at service points complete their preparations with masks and disposable gloves.

• Our guests are served breakfast, lunch and dinner at the restaurant of our hotel. The table and seating plan are arranged in a way to keep the recommended distances. (The distance between the tables where the food is served is 1.5 m., And the distance between the chairs next to each other is 60 cm.)

• In our hotel, our breakfast is served as an open buffet. Food services are provided to our guests by the relevant kitchen staff in the open buffet presentation. Our open buffet is presented to our guests in a sterile way by blocking the access of our guests with suitable plexi sets. During lunch and dinner, our services are provided by our one-to-one staff thanks to the set menus offered to our guests.

• There are hand disinfectants at the main entrance of our restaurant and on our tables.

• Service equipment is regularly cleaned before and after service. (Hygienic cleaning is carried out with alcohol-based products after each guest use of materials such as dining tables, chairs, service materials, menus.)

• Previously sterilized tables are re-disinfected when our guests pass to the table.

• Disposable sugar, salt and other spices are used on the tables.

• Service personnel use disposable masks and gloves in every service.

Service personnel maintains the distance rules and provides service with the least contact.

Our Measures in Common Areas
• Guest rooms, Restaurant, Children's Playground, Mini Market, Masjid, General Areas, Meeting and Ballrooms, Food Production Areas, Personnel Usage Areas, Office and Warehouses, Tables and chairs used in social areas are disinfected in detail.

• Detailed cleaning is frequently performed in the lobby area with disinfectants.

• Our prayer rug area is frequently disinfected and our prayer rugs in this area are offered to our guests in packages.

• Social distance information is provided throughout the hotel with landmarks inside elevators, general area landmarks.

• We have disinfectant units with sensors in our common areas, restaurant entrance and Lova Health Club entrance.

• Surfaces with heavy contact such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, electric buttons, post device, room card are frequently cleaned with disinfectant.

• The sun loungers in the pools are disinfected daily and placed in accordance with social distance rules.

• All towels in our Lova Health Club & Spa area are offered to our guests in packaging.

• All units in our fitness center and all areas in our spa centers (Turkish Baths, Resting Areas, Pools with Jacuzzi) are constantly disinfected.

• Soap, Shampoo and Body Lotion that our guests will use in our Lova Health Club & Spa area. products can be supplied for single use only.

• Our seating areas in the Lobby and L Cafe area in our hotel are designed to take social distance conditions into consideration. In addition, in all of our general areas, our guests are informed about Covid-19 information with our posters.

Our Personnel Measures
• Covid 19 precautions and hygiene rules were provided to all our team.

• The trainings received by our staff have been certified by the relevant institutions and organizations. Our team also participates in periodically organized trainings.

• Contactless temperature measurement is performed at the entrance and exit of our hotel to our staff and it is recorded.

• Hygiene mats and hand disinfectants are kept at the entrances of the personnel.

• Personal protective equipment is provided.

• The same personnel are assigned for each shift.

• Personnel entry and exit times are arranged separately.

• Private seating areas are determined in the staff restaurant and planning is made according to social distance conditions.

• Necessary information and posters about Covid-19 have been prepared to be submitted to our staff in all of our staff areas as in our hotel.

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